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Ecorche Mason Sullivan
June 18 - July 13 (20 days) $1150 ($575 deposit)
Please note: instruction will be on Mon, Wed & Fri 10am-1pm.
Mandatory lectures on Mon & Wed 6-8pm.
Additional instruction 1st week on Tues. June 19th 10am-1pm
There will be no class or lecture on Wed. July 4th.
It will be held on Thurs, July 5th instead.

Class open, accepting registrations.

This is a four-week sculptural anatomy workshop. Participants will construct an anatomical model beginning with the bones and proceeding on to the muscles. A series of short and engaging lectures will illuminate a system of study focused on the origin and insertion of muscles, their actions, and their appearance on the living model. Daily hands-on critiques will guide the students as they sculpt an ecorche figure in oil-based clay. The set of lecture handouts may be used for ongoing anatomical reference. Students will take away a deepened, broadened appreciation of anatomy in art and daily life.

Supplies such as clay and armatures are included in the cost. Any additional tools you may need will be discussed the first class.


Ecorche Lecture Series Mason Sullivan
Included in the cost for Ecorche workshop participants
$175 for all 8 paid in advance $25 ala carte

Series open, accepting registrations.

A month long series of lectures giving an overview of artistic anatomy. Each evening will comprise a one hour lecture and a one hour sketching session with the live model. Participants will receive handouts to go along with the lectures.

1. Skull, Spine and Ribs - Mon. June 18
2. Pelvis, Legs, and Feet - Wed. June 20
3. Shoulder girdle, arms and hands - Mon. June 25
4. Head and neck - Wed. June 27
5. Torso - Mon. July 2
6. Arms and shoulders - Tues. July 3 (no lecture Wed. July 4)*Please note date change
7. Legs and hip - Mon. July 9
8. Comparative Anatomy male/female - Wed. July 11

To pay for full series:

To register and pay for individual evenings, visit our Eventbrite page.


Figure Drawing & Sculpture
Colleen Barry (drawing) Will St. John (sculpture)
July 16 - 27 (10 days) $1150 ($575 deposit)
Class open, accepting registrations. Limited to 12 students.

Over the course of two weeks, students will learn to synthesize the processes of sculpting a 24 inch figure in clay and drawing a figure in graphite on paper. Each day will be divided between sculpting in the morning and drawing in the afternoon. In the first week we will discuss the fundamentals of armature building, gesture, proportion, and blocking-in on paper. The pose will remain the same for the morning and the afternoon session allowing the students to directly connect what they learn in the sculpture class to the drawing session. The focus of the second week will be directed towards modeling the form and grasping the basic anatomy of the figure and its parts. The students will be looking at the skeletal system along with reference to ecorche models and classic anatomical drawings in order to better understand the fundamental structure of the figure. Through this process students will come away with a greater knowledge of the kinship between sculpture and drawing as well as an improved sense of the figure as a whole.. Download Materials List


Portrait Drawing & Sculpture
Gregory Mortenson (drawing) Mason Sullivan (sculpture)
July 30, 31 - August 10 (10 days) $1150 ($575 deposit)
Class open, accepting registrations.

For two weeks students will work in the tradition of classical training. Both drawing and sculpture will be used to deepen the participants understanding of the portrait. This broad approach reinforces the basic concepts crucial to great portraiture, a rapid and efficient block-in, an accurate assessment of the features proportion and position, and a clear understanding of the relationship between light and form. The underlying anatomical structures common in all portraiture will also be covered. Working from the same live model we will complete one accurately observed portrait drawing and one well modeled portrait bust as we explore this most characteristic and expressive form, the human head. Download Materials List


Cast Drawing and Sculpting
Angela Cunningham (drawing) Mason Sullivan (sculpture)
August 13 - 24 (10 days) $1150 ($575 deposit)
Class open, accepting registrations.

The two week mini-Intensive is an introduction to classical academic training in drawing and sculpture. In studying the correlation between two and three dimensional approach students will gain greater technical facility and a deeper understanding of the Classical tradition. Students will chose a feature cast to copy and carry their work to a highly resolved finish in both pencil and water clay. By focusing on methods used in judging proportions, angles, alignments, and planes the instructors will address the fundamentals of block-ins and form modeling. Download Materials List