THE SCULPTURE ATELIER at the Grand Central Academy was developed to train a new generation of classical sculptors. The program is built on the ideas and techniques that have been central to the great tradition of sculpture that has come down to us from the ancient Athenians, the Italian Renaissance, and through to the Beaux Arts tradition of the 19th Century.

Mastery of the human figure is the goal. Emphasis on clarity of form, simplicity of action, balance and harmony, are woven through a program that includes meticulous copying of antique sculptures, rigorous study of anatomical figure structure, and extensive modeling from life.

In their years of study, our sculpture core students study cast drawing and figure drawing alongside the Water Street Atelier painting core students. The sculpture students also learn anatomy, perspective, art history, and fundamentals of classical architecture alongside the Water Street students.



GCA's Fourth Annual
Classical Figure Sculpture Competition

Applications due April 1!
To download the form, click here.

2011 Summer Workshops
The Portrait Inside and Out
Draw & Sculpt a Cast: Mini Intensive