The Part Time classes at The Grand Central Academy are for serious students of drawing, painting, and sculpture who hold the same artistic ideals and aspire to the same level as the Core Program students. These night classes, weekend classes, and workshops are a series of courses designed to offer a high level of knowledge and skill. As in the Core, incoming students are encouraged to begin with cast drawing, then progress to figure drawing, and then to painting. This way, the student’s development is clear and progressive. Each method and idea can become a foundation for the next. Because the underlying principles taught in each class overlap, students can take various night, weekend, and workshop courses in sequence with the confidence that their progress from one will continue into the next.

The night and weekend classes are ideal for students in New York who are looking for an intense and focused environment to develop as draughtsmen and painters. The workshops offer artists who cannot move to NY an opportunity to come and study for a week or two or all summer and get an intense dose of training.

These classes are ideal for inspired beginners, serious amateurs, students who haven’t yet been accepted into the Core Program, and professional artists looking to improve their work in a serious artistic community. Core Program students are encouraged to take Part-Time classes, and, hopefully, some Part-Time students will become Core Program students.