Please note: Registration for Fall 2012 Classes begins in August
All our classes are on hiatus EXCEPT Evening Cast & Saturday Cast & Portrait
otherwise please look at our Summer Workshops

Materials can be purchased from the instructor in class.

Clay - $20 per 50 lb. box (this is enough for one figure or portrait)
Tools - Students must provide their own tools
Use of an additional armature - $25 one time fee
Students may purchase armatures to take home for an additional $50.

There are many shops selling sculpting tools in NYC. Two excellent shops are The Complete Sculptor and Sculpture House. Because of storage restrictions students are not allowed more than 2 armatures at one time. Sculptures left behind with out prior arrangement will be taken down within a month.


Ecorche Mason Sullivan

6:30 - 9:30pm
Fall Class (16 sessions) $650

Spring Class (16 sessions) $650

On a space available basis, students may start the course after the Fall session begins.

Winter/Spring session starts Jan. 18th
Registration open
Calendar revised 12/12/11
Download schedule (pdf)

Ecorche: A French word meaning “without skin.” Ecorche sculpture is an in-depth study of the body from an artistic point of view. These sculptures have been produced by artists over the centuries for reference, in preparation for other projects, and as works of art in their own right.

Ecorche at the Grand Central Academy will be an intense four month class. Participants will first sculpt the skeleton, and study the underlying proportions of the human body. Then students will study the deep origins of the rhythmic qualities present in the body by adding successive layers =of muscle to half of the sculpture. The sculpture concludes with the most superficial muscles creating the forms we are used to seeing every day. Along the way, students will complete drawings of the individual muscles and bones to solidify their knowledge.

At the end of the class, participants will be left with an expanded knowledge of anatomy in three dimentions, a notebook full of drawings and handouts for future reference, a completed ecorche sculpture, and most importantly a system of study to fuel the students future interest in the subject.


Introduction to Sculpture: Portrait/Cast Mason Sullivan
Two - Month Class (24 hours) 8 classes
Thursdays, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Tuition: $300
April/May Session begins April 5th

Download monthly schedule (pdf)

This course is designed for both beginner and intermediate sculptors. Students start their study of sculpture by copying the features of Michelangelo's David. More advanced students will be working from a live model on the portrait. Everyone studies in a single room allowing for a smooth transition from more simple to complicated projects. It is highly recommended that drawing students in our cast and portrait classes take this course to compliment their training.



Forensic Portrait Sculpture Jiwoong Cheh

Class on hiatus. Please email regarding interest.
Download previous monthly schedule (pdf)

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The goal of this course is to integrate the study of forensics, anatomy and portrait sculpture in order to obtain a more fluid and thorough understanding of the human face, both artistically and scientifically.