The Night Class Program is for serious students of drawing and painting who cannot attend the Core Program, but who hold the same artistic ideals and aspire to reach similar fluency in drawing and painting.

As in the Core Program, the classes are progressive. All students must start with drawing from the antique and the essentials of structural drawing. Cast drawing is very challenging and it is perceived by some as tedious. For the passionate, ambitious draftsman, however, it is an introduction to the study of nature through the lens of the grand manner. A tremendous number of complex and interrelated ideas can be taught in a drawing from the antique cast, and serious students will be excited and learn rapidly. Only after this are they encouraged to study painting. Portrait and still-life classes follow because they expand on this foundation. The artist’s training must be built on a strong understanding of drawing and three dimensional thought on the flat surface.

This avenue toward technical and intellectual progress allows the student access to the other developing programs of Grand Central Academy and of the ICA&CA. Cultivating a classical humanist aesthetic through the interaction of the Core Program and evening students and the classical architects, is another of goals behind the design of the night classes.

The Night Class Program is an opportunity for a student to prepare for his or her application to the Core Program.